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Finding Clarity

I had an unusual experience at our Still Waters Renewal Retreat a week ago. We had a great week of ministry with a wonderful group of participants. However, something strange happened on our first night in our cabin. It was not only strange but downright scarry for a few moments.

I woke up around 4am because I heard something outside. I walked over to the window and looked down on the parking lot. I noticed a shadowy figure over the driver’s side door of my car. I asked myself, “What is that?” Then I began to ask, “Who is that and what is that person doing?” It looked like someone was trying to break into my car. I could not believe that someone would try to steal my car at such a safe and secluded place. I knocked on the window and yelled out, “Hey, stop!”

I decided to go into the living room and look out that window to get a better view. My wife Carla told me not to walk out the door. I looked out the window from the living room and quickly understood what I was seeing. The outside light from our cabin was shining down on the handicap sign that produced the shadow on the driver’s door. I was not seeing an intruder, but instead a reflection off the handicap sign onto our car. In case you are wondering, we were parked next to the handicap space, not in it.

I told Carla the true situation and she immediately laughed and went back to sleep. I got to thinking about how we can easily misinterpret and misunderstand reality. We can conclude one thing when just the opposite is true. One big reason I misinterpreted the situation was that I did not have my contacts in my eyes. My vision was a little blurry. I assumed and concluded that we had a big problem and we were in danger. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

This is the mission of Still Waters Renewal ministry to Pastors and Church leaders. We provide a safe place for rest, renewal and healing. We have a place and program for each participant to find clarity about their reality. Our goal is for each participant to know God’s truth and experience His love as issues and challenges are dealt with each day.

Our ministry is offered to pastors and leaders of all denominations who need a place to get away for a few days. We would love for you to sign up today!

Jim Daniel

Still Waters Renewal, President

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