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"To say that Still Waters Renewal Retreat brought us healing and joy to our to our family is an understatement. From the moment we reached out and each one after, the love of Christ was present. Every member of our family has been blessed in collective and individual ways by the team - we are so grateful for how you have been the hands and feet of God in our lives. We truly believe this is just the beginning of beautiful relationships!"


"Still Waters is an incredible retreat!  It has really helped us to walk through some past issues and brought healing to us.  The group sessions and the one on one with the counselor was incredibly helpful!  If you’ve been hurt while in the ministry and want healing and want to start the process of recovery, please consider Still Waters Renewal." 

"My favorite part was hearing everyone’s stories and how they dealt with the pain was significant.  We were all working through the trials and that was encouraging."

"This week at Still Waters Renewal was a huge blessing from the Lord.  The leaders, the counselor and the other guests all ministered to me and my husband with Biblical guidance, encouragement, love support and affirmation.  The fact that we didn’t have to pay to participate is what allowed us to come, and we are so grateful for the blessing of this ministry.  If you will be open to step out in faith and commit to coming to this retreat, God will use this to change your life."

“Still Waters Renewal Retreat is heaven sent and timely in this day and age where many in ministry are broken and defeated.  It provides rays of hope to healing to us individually, as a family along with our ministry.  God really used this ministry to springboard us back into missions.”

"My favorite part was hearing everyone’s stories and how they dealt with the pain was significant.  We were all working through the trails and that was encouraging."

"One of the keys to success for any retreat are the accommodations.  Moro Bay State Park's cabins were terrific!  Their setting along a serene forested river promoted biblical reflection.  Southern Arkansas is beautiful.   Another key to success are fellow travelers in ministry who are willing to be "gut level" honest about their lives.  I found the authenticity at this retreat refreshing as we all encouraged one another to begin the process of biblical renewal.  The week is designed to jump start this process for all who feel "stuck".  If that is your aim, then you won't be disappointed.  I left with a firm intention to continue my renewal in Christ in the weeks to come.   Thanks again for making this accessible to everyone!"

"Still Waters Retreat is a safe place to seek God for healing from the past and hope for the future."

“I’m so excited to see how Father God continues to use Still Waters Retreat because His leading and guidance is so dear.”  

“After a hard season overseas, our family needed a time of peace and rest. The lodging was beautiful and we spent the afternoons hiking or biking around the park. The rest was precious. The group was a wonderful time of diverse people coming together to share our stories and grow closer to Jesus in community.”  

“My wife and I came to Still Waters dealing with individual and family struggles as well as uncertainty in the midst of ministry transition.  We received prayer and counsel and made connections that uplifted and encouraged us greatly.  I would highly recommend you spending a week in this beautiful setting and allow the Lord to minister to your needs through Jim and Carla and their team.”

"This week with Still Waters Renewal was the week both my wife and I needed. We needed time away together that was something more than a vacation. We both have stories to share; we both have dreams and hurts; we both have desires and frustrations. Still Waters Renewal gave us time, space, and resources to process our combined thoughts in a warm, welcoming - and most importantly - safe environment. We felt free to be vulnerable and transparent, and we were blessed by care and thoughtfulness. Again, this was the week both of us needed, and we are grateful for the ministry of Still Waters Renewal."

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