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Our First Christmas Without a Tree

Carla and I are about to experience our 36th Christmas together since we met at Glorieta, New Mexico in the fall of 1985. Every year right after Thanksgiving, we have put up a Christmas tree along with our decorations. However, not this year. This will be our first Christmas without a tree or any Christmas decorations. Why? We are only days away from moving all our stuff to our new home in Lubbock, Texas.

As a result, we have listened to more Christmas music than ever before in our life. Years ago in Houston, I used to bemoan the fact that our local Christian station played nothing but Christmas music from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day. Now, that’s most of what we listen to because we are dependent on others to celebrate Christmas this year. We have looked at more Christmas lights and decorations because we are dependent on others to celebrate the reason for the season.

This has opened my eyes to others who are not able to celebrate Christmas in the usual way. I think of the many who have lost everything in last week’s terrible outbreak of tornados. It breaks our heart to see the damage from this storm in places like Mayfield, Kentucky. Many are facing Christmas without a tree, home and possessions. Thousands are dependent on others as a result.

The fact of the matter is that we are all dependent upon God and others when it comes to our life. We need others, period. If we do not sense a need for others today, we will in our coming days. It’s ok to ask others to come alongside and help us in our time of need. It’s ok to ask others to pray for us.

We have made the move to full time ministry with Still Waters Renewal. We have received our last salary check from our church and we are on our own. This has made us realize more than ever how we need the Lord’s provision through others.

We want to say a special thanks to those who have and are supporting this ministry. It means so much during a time of new beginnings in a new place. We need our Lord’s help and we thank you for your prayers and support. We appreciate this lesson the Lord is teaching us of how we need others in His work in our life.

Merry Christmas even without a tree!

Jim & Carla

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