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4 Events in Our Already Crazy Year

We hope everyone is well and that your 2022 has been a pleasant one so far. There has been a lot going on in our lives, so we thought we would have a little update.

We Moved

This is the second time we moved in the last three years. Anyone who has been through a big move does not want to repeat it anytime soon. We moved from Southern Arkansas to Lubbock, Texas. We are grateful to be close to our family. We really enjoyed El Dorado, Arkansas, but there’s no place like being close to children and grandchildren.

In the midst of our move, Carla’s Mom went home to be with the Lord on December 28. We are grateful for Ruth’s faith and faithfulness to Jesus. She was ready to meet the Lord.

We Got Covid

The latest variant is spreading like wildfire throughout the world. We had mild symptoms that did not last very long. However, our neighbor across the street from us here in Lubbock died from her bout with Covid this past weekend. Lord, bring comfort on those who have lost loved ones and bring healing on those in need.

Eye Troubles

I am dealing with a left eye problem where I can no longer see clearly. I have been to a couple of doctors. I have been told that my condition is temporary and I should get my eyesight back in time. When do you most appreciate what you have? Answer- when you are in danger of losing it.

Getting Ready for the Galveston Retreat April 25-29

We are very excited about our upcoming retreats in 2022. We are starting off in Galveston this year in April. We have available spots at this point, but several have already inquired and some have signed up. Now is the time to sign up and get your place reserved. Click here to sign up! If you have any questions, give us a call.

We are looking for more supporters who will enable us to reach out to those who need a place to get away for rest, renewal and healing. Can you give $25, $50 or more a month to help support this ministry? Perhaps you could give a one-time gift to support the ministry of Still Waters Renewal.

Jim Daniel

President of Still Waters Renewal

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